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Paparazzi Club agency goes on and every time trying to develop one or another branch of our lives. 

So on the eve of the holiday "Valentine's Day", our team together with the Organization of Kazakh students in the Czech Republic "Tarlan" has decided to highlight, very bright and romantic holiday "Day of Love".


About how it is celebrated in the Czech Republic, the features of this holiday and the life of Kazakh students, will tell us the Chairman of the Kazakh students organization in the Czech Republic "Tarlan," Alikhan Karipkhan.


Karipkhan Alikhan Erzhanuly

22 years old(Almaty)

Student of economical faculty in ČZU (Praha)

In Prague for 5 years

Chairman of the Kazakh students’ organization in the Czech Republic "Tarlan" 


-Alikhan Hello, please tell me, Valentine's Day is the most oldest and romantic holiday in the world. How do you feel about this holiday?


-In general, the Valentine's Day holiday treat positively. Because there is no too much romantic at any time, and to devote one day of the year to your second half, of course it is - at least, that can make any pair


 How do they celebrate this holiday in the Czech Republic? Do they like it?

- I think, Czech young people love this holiday. But I never noticed a big resonance around it. Probably due to the fact that Valentine's Day is celebrated mostly in solitude. After all, it’s enough to spend the evening together.


Are there any features of the celebration of the "Day of Love" in the Czech Republic? Maybe kind of rituals or traditions ...


- From what I had heard, in the evening in the city center or near the same Karlovs Bridge lovers start up sky lanterns up in the sky, or on the river Vltava gather a lot of swans, and it creates insane romance around you. Generally, Prague very romantic city! An ideal place to spend Valentine's Day!


  - In Kazakhstan this holiday came recently, but every year a lot of people celebrating this holiday. Valentine's Day has become one of the favorite holidays among young people, but also couples are not left behind and enjoy exchanging valentines and give gifts to each other and congratulate the Day of Love. But there are also opponents of the celebration; they say it's not the Kazakh tradition. What do you think, is it good or bad?


- Like I said, I have nothing against the holiday. But perhaps it would be better if in Kazakhstan paid more attention to the celebrating of "Kozy Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu" on April 15. Still, it is closer to our culture. In addition, last year "Tarlan" hosted the eponymous competition for the best pair. And it was very interesting!


Tell us, whether you made some sort of insane act in the name of love ?!


- Crazy things in the name of love? Not yet. And in general, I'm a calm person. And I can not even imagine what insane thing I can do! (laughs).


 Do you have someone? To whom you can say the most important words of love, not only in this holiday?

-That, probably, and a complete answer to the previous question (smiles). Since I do not have second half (girlfriend). I hope soon I’ll meet her.


What do like more: to give gifts or get them?!


 -Of Course, everyone loves to receive gifts. And I am no exception! Giving gifts is also nice, but still it is necessary to be able to choose them!


Finally, for our readers, can say a phrase "I love you"! In Czech


-«Miluji tě!»! 


 - Thank for your answers, and your attention! Good luck to you and our students!


- Thank you, prosperity and good luck to your site PPZ.KZ!


Photos from Prague you can see here: http://ppz.kz/gallery/view/2437 

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