„Faces of Capital” rubric – Zhasyn Kanbayev

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On the eve of the "Day of laughter," the guest  of our "Faces of Capital" rubric , is the most positive and smiling resident of the capital, the famous anchorman and showman - Zhasyn Kanbyev!


How Zhasyn Kanbayev spends his leisure time?

 - I run with ostriches and play football with Zidane in my dreams, ‘cause all of  my free time I sleep!


- What event would you like to host?!

 - Kyz Uzatu( wedding) of Selena Gomez


-TV or toi(celebrations) ? Where do you prefer to work?

Certainly TV, celebrations for $ only.


- What should we do to become successful as Zhasyn Kanbayev ?!

- Nothing ! I don’t need any competitors! ))


-What is “photo” for you? Do you like being photographed?

- Sure, but only if it is photographing by PPZ.KZ!


-Thank you for your honest answers! Good luck!

-You are welcome!


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