“Faces of Capital” - Big Som

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Dear Friends! 

Paparazzi Club agency starts new rubric named “Faces of Capital”

 Our command, will be glad to reveal to guests and residents of the capital, the professionals, the people who lives by their “business”, and popular by it!


Today, first guest of our rubric – the star of Kazakh hip-hop, rapper, basketball player, chairman of Doma Doma fund – Samson Arakelyan also known as Big Som!!!  

Let’s GO!


1. Principles of Big Soms life?

- Honesty, fairness and a bit of humor! 


2. You consider that Aktau one of the most active cities in Kazakhstan?

- If we are talking about sports and music, I can’t clearly answer. I travel a lot by Kazakhstan, and there are cities that have a huge progress and achievements, with support of dedicated people. With opening of Doma Doma fund  I started to work on promotion  of youth music festivals and sports, by experience of Aktau Open Fest. I think when these festivals will held in other cities, not only  in Aktau, everyone will see how are active a youth people from different parts of Kazakhstan.  


3.Basketball….what is it for you?

-I’m a fan of basketball. I’m waiting when my ankle injury will pass, and I’ll be back to the court. Relatives do not understand me and asking to stop playing for a long time. But I can’t.


4. Recentlyyoustarredinthefilm. What do you prefer – movie or music?

- Both of them are interesting. Of course,in music I can surely control the final result, and movie it’s just a separate world for me. Very interesting. I hope, I’ll have opportunity and time to act.


5. Are there any plans to give a big concert in the Astana, with participation of your friends?( Karandash, Mot, L’One, Skifetc.)

- I think festival is quiet real. By the way I have a new concert program and team – Big Som and DRUMATTAK. Hope, the capital will see our show soon.


6. Photographers of PPZ.KZ  loves to photo you! Doyoulikebeingphotographed?

- Sure!!! After all, I have my Instagram)) By the way, thanks to PPZ.KZ for the reports from our event in Aktau.

From the whole #PaparazziClub team we wish Big Som further success!

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