"Faces of Capital" - Valeria Isembaeva.

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Another guest of our column "Faces of Capital", the director of the «Andres Astana Model Agency» - Valeria Isembaeva.


-Valeria, you’re kind a monopolist in your business, is it hard to be the best?

-Not at all!) The main thing – it’s to be a professional in your business, to know all of the management tools of the business, and of course communicate with our partners.


-Modeling business – is it profitably?

-Every year, with the arrival of more development in the field of modeling business, this business become more profitably, than for example, five or six years ago.


-How does “photo” influence on model portfolio?

- Photography -is a 95% success rate for each model. Considering that many companies are not in Astana, all auditions are held online through the photos. "Andres" tries to send pictures, where model do not differ dramatically from themselves in life, because of the large amount of makeup or Photoshop. Our models, simply just do not need any makeup or Photoshop, because they are so  beautiful by nature.


-What principles you guided by when you recruit models in your agency?

-Andres is famous, because it includes only the best models, who have participated to internal casting. All of the models must have growth at least 175 cm, good figure and skin, beautiful smile –all this relates to the essential requirements. I also pay special attention to their education, speech and to intelligence, importantly.


-Photographers from PPZ.KZ  love your models! And how do you treat us ?!)

-And we love you!) In our portfolio there are a lot of photos taken by your photographers, mostly by Djamilya from Barkhat Lounge parties, KFW shows and many others. We are very happy and pleased, when at meetings and shows, we meet just your photographers, because the professionals working with professionals.


-Thank you, Valeria for answers, good luck and prosperity to your agency!

- Thank you, wish you all the best!

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