"Faces of Capital" rubric - Ner Dzhakupov.

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Another guest of our  "Faces of Capital" rubric , a famous singer, hip-hop artist, athlete, - Ner Dzhakupov.


Ner Dzhakupov , are you in love with someone?



- You have got enough songs about happiness, attitude and  love. Are the lyrics of your songs are based on true stories of your life?

-Yes, all of my songs are based on a real life.


- How can you characterize yourself?

- Just a simple guy from Astana!


-Your future plans?

- I’ve got a lot of plans, like any creative person.


-What is “photo” for you? Do you like being photographed?

-For me s a creative person, photography is one of the styles of my life. And also I  like high-quality photos!


-A few words about PPZ.KZ?

 - Wish you be the best in your field, since you have enough competitors.(smiles)


Thank you! Good Luck!

-          You are welcome!

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