„Faces of Capital” rubric – Maestro Antonio

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Anton Tsoy  (Maestro Antonio, director and founder of first social dance school in Astana – “Salsa De Fiesta”)


1. Antonio, you are one of the first who “introduced” salsa to capital public. Whatis “salsa” foryou? Isitjustahobbyorlifestyle?

-I brought salsa to our capital In 2009. So, for the six years in different parts of our city plays Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, Zouk, Kizomba etc.  Salsa for me?! I can talk about it for a long time, but I’ll try to explain it in a few words…This is a full disclosure of male and female life in our modern time. Salsa became my lifestyle and main work!


2. How long have you been dancing?

About 15 years. I started from classical ballet, than folk and ballroom, and modern, but still I have conquered the social dances, they still also called street.


3. How many students in your dance studio «Salsa De Fiesta»?

Currently there are about 100 in each of them lives with a great love for salsa.


4 The popularity of salsa is growing every day in the capital, it’s your merit, tell us, your partners, those places where salsa evening are held, are they open to cooperate with you?

Thank you! Sure, because we do one thing, it is mutually beneficial cooperation; together we make the cultural life of our capital diverse! I would like to thank all our partners! I really appreciate your cooperation!


5. A few words about the #PPZKZ agency, which has struggled to maintain your "salsa movement" in Astana!

 During his workPPZ.KZ has established itself as one of the most creative, fast growing agencies in the capital. With your help, highlights the most significant events of the city, the most interesting cultural projects.

P.S. On behalf of our school and for me personally, I wish you do not stop, grow and prosper and grow and delight us with bright, vivid and lively works. © "SDF" Family & Maestro Antonio


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